Executive Assistant


Born and raised in West Michigan, Felicia is deeply passionate about helping others and problem-solving. It wasn’t until Felicia and her husband purchased their first home, she realized that Real Estate was her true passion.  Felicia does not take a real estate transaction lightly, there are so many detailed steps and pieces to a transaction that need special attention.  "I strive to fully educate and understand each and everyone of my clients - each client comes with a different circumstance, a different story, and a different “why,” for what they’re trying to achieve" Real estate comes with challenges, but with her previous hands on experience - she is equipped to come up with creative solutions to achieve the end goal of home ownership! Now on Laurie's team, she is a huge asset for helping Laurie's clients have a wonderful and smooth transaction. When Felicia is not practicing real estate you can most likely find her outdoors with her husband, daughter, and dogs.