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Our Values

The Zokoe team prides itself on many things - but our core values are what make us different from the rest. We revolve around one mission statement, "Our work isn't done until every client feels like family."

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Family Focused

Both as a team and the experience we give our clients. When we think of values that embody the Zokoe team, there are none others that reflect us more.

Do What It Takes

It's the little things that set us apart. Whether that's our in-house staging team, or hand delivering pies to past clients, the Zokoe team prides itself on going the extra mile to get the job done.

Exceptional Communication

While it should go without saying, the Zokoe team excels at communication and takes pride in being known for it. Quick, reliable and honest communication is something you can count on.

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Ahead of the Issue

It is our responsibility to use our knowledge and expertise to see a problem that may arise and resolve it before our client is even aware that something isn't right.


 Clients are trusting us with what is most likely their largest purchase of their lives. All of our values go into making sure our clients trust us, and in return tell their family and friends about us. 

Fun and Approachable

The Zokoe team makes sure to have fun along the way, and want you to do the same. There's a certain "aura" about this team that has a way of turning a stranger into a friend.